Alpaca FAQs

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What does Catequil mean?
Catequil was the Incan god of Thunder. See Incan Mythology on Wikipedia for more details about Incan Mythology.
What is an alpaca?
Alpaca are Camelids closely related to the llama and have been raised in South American for thousands of years. They are distantly related to the camels of Asia and Africa. Alpacas are about half the size of a llama. Llamas are typically beasts of burden while alpacas are raised for their fleece.
What good is an alpaca?

Do alpacas make good pets?

How much does an alpaca cost?
A few hundred to several tens of thousands dollars for the animal.
What does an alpaca eat?
Alpacas have a very efficient digestive system and eat basic good quality grass with basic mineral supplements.
How much medical attention does an alpaca need?
Alpacas are very easy to care for and rarely require medical attention. Most of the time they just require shearing, worming, and vaccinations.
What kind of shelter does an alpaca need?
Alpacas come from the rather harsh highlands of South America. They are very adaptable to the weather and require only minimal protection form the elements. A simple roof with a wind break is sufficient.
How much room does an alpaca need?
5-10 alpacas can easily live in an acre.
How long does an alpaca live?
Alpacas live 15 to 20 years.
How many babies does an alpaca have?
Alpacas almost always deliver one baby called a cria. Twins are extremely rare and many times don’t survive.
What is the gestation period for an alpaca?
Gestation is approximately 11-1/2 months.
How big does an alpaca get?
Cria are usually between 10 and 22 pounds. Full grown animals can range from 130 to 170 pounds with large males at the high end.
Are alpacas difficult to handle?

Do alpacas spit?

Are all alpacas white?

Do alpacas bite?
What is the difference between a fiber animal and a pet?